Is this the Future of IT Infrastructure for Indonesia?

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Jakarta – The business world in Indonesia at this time clearly has evolved away from five or ten years ago. Only those who can take advantage of opportunities with great ideas, creativity, and technology that could reap success.

Start-up is so proliferated, seize the ‘spotlight’ conventional firms. Ranging from start-ups that provide transportation services online, shopping assistance, news services, e-commerce, to streaming video. While other companies that previously did not pay attention to the importance of using technology all move to the online realm. Indonesia is filled with a form of business that needs big data storage and IT speed.
This is why the IT infrastructure of concern at this time. IT infrastructure is less support would pose a number of disadvantages. Hewlett Packard Servers Enterprise Product Specialist Indonesia, Benny Yeo said, IT infrastructure has become the foundation of today’s business. Entering the era of digitalization IT infrastructure became the backbone that determine how well a firm grasp opportunities and make profits.

“All forms of business such as e-commerce, a provider of applications on smartphones, behind it all there is the IT infrastructure. There is hardware that govern data center customer, server, storage, network, and so on. For example, a mobile banking application, if the server is down , the transaction is blocked, then missing out on revenue opportunities, “he said. If the needs of IT and the handling of the problem can not be done quickly, then the momentum to capture the market can be lost.

Answering the needs of IT are quick to encourage the competitiveness of businesses, Hewlett Packard Enterprise 2015 introduces a solution that is composable infrastructure. IT infrastructure can be adapted to the needs of business in accordance with the momentum that wants to be used. To implement IT needs, need only a matter of seconds. Hewlett Packard Enterprise Enterprise becomes the first company to have composable concept of this infrastructure.

The concept of IT infrastructure such as this can provide benefits for businesses today. Especially those who value efficiency, cost reduction, but have an application that must be constantly maintained.

“This concept is actually indeed present because of the presence of ideas of economy such as the use of cloud-native application for the new line of business. But it can be used in traditional business models as well. Its components can be installed as needed and if it is not needed can be returned to the resource pool, “said Benny.

IT concept is an evolution of the traditional infrastructure that implementation needs to take months. This concept is the latest concept to supply the needs of IT within seconds.

However, although present since the emergence of ideas of economy that uses cloud-native application, the concept of composable IT infrastructure not only supports the business model. But it can also support traditional business model where companies need a lot of servers for customer database, employee emails, web, database of employees, and so on.

In addition to introducing composable infrastructure, Hewlett Packard Enterprise also introduced a new line of its hardware products that will support the concept of composable infrastructure. The product is called Synergy. What is offered by Synergy?

Hewlett Packard Enterprise said there are three points that make an IT infrastructure can be regarded as composable infrastructure. The IT Infrastructure fluid, when traffic is high, for example in such a resource storage can be added as needed. If it is not needed can be returned to the pool. Essentially a new component is added quickly detected and integrated.

Second, the software features define intelligence. To meet the needs of IT only need one management console. The latter is a unified API, it is not difficult to communicate with applications for, container, virtualization and so on. “Synergy has been able to support it all,” said Benny again.

Synergy has an architecture that is much different from previous hardware. There are some parts of Synergy that distinguishes it from other hardware that is composable frame, composable compute module, HPE Composer, Image HPE Streamer, composable fabric, and composable storage.

Synergy is also equipped with 6 power supply and cooling fan 6. Meanwhile, to protect data in Synergy architecture is designed with the concept of a no single point of failure.

The concept is actually composable IT infrastructure has been designed and promoted by HP Enterprise in London at the end of 2015 ago. In Indonesia this concept and its hardware is the new Synergy will be introduced at the end of March 2016.

Source : Detikinet