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PT. Kwadran Lima Indonesia is an information technology consulting firm which provides technology, business, IT support and operation consultation services. PT. Kwadran Lima Idonesia is strengthened by IT practicioners whose exspertise in implementing IT solution both in small and large entreprises.

PT. Kwadran Lima indonesia ensures the quality of the resources as well as the whole processes of software development. A technology system which meet 'BEST PRACTICE' standard is thus resulted. PT. Kwdran Lima Indonesia committed to give additional value to all the IT solutions provided to custommers so that each solution offored will be a valuable asset for users of PT. Kwadran Lima Indonesia .

Why Choose Us?

We are young professionals who have high dedication in the development of technology today, our commitment is to provide maximum service for every customer in terms of information technology, so that our services are expected to improve the business of the customers

Vision - Mission


To be a trusted resource services solution company in indonesia with high quality talent and as an usefull asset for the country


Create a company that feasible and comfortable for anybody to be work for

Be a good citizens of indonesia by making a benefit to the environment

Providing a safe investment to all stakeholders and shareholders

value customers users viewer

Being a company that always has a value as feedback to our costumer


Software development under which requirements and solutions evolve through the collaborative effort of self-organizing cross-functional teams and their customer(s)/end users


Development Tools

Database Tools

Server and Cloud

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PT. Kwadran Lima Indonesia

Enterprise IT Solution Provider

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